Monday, June 16, 2008

new drawing of a Bare Tree

I am very pleased with this drawing that I call, "Summer Tree."

The touches of green that I use in this drawing represent leaves to me in some way, even though the tree is bare.
I suppose I am very pleased with the tree's shape.


rethaw said...

Hey, I too am pleased by this image. I was wondering if you'd ever be interested in making available high rez scans to see what kind of interesting digital confabulations I or others might come up with? Thanks for continuing to be inspired by my main source of inspiration as well, Trees!

Hawley Studios said...

I really like this one! Very nice style! 8)

nina kuriloff said...

rethaw and hawley studios,

thank you for your lovely comments.

i never provide high resolution images to anyone.

Anonymous said...

hello again, i really like this one too, it reminds me of chinese/japanese art. beautiful!