Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nina Kuriloff - small drawing of Blue/Black Tree

This is my small-sized drawing of a tree that I created using the cold colors of blue and black. It is a wintry tree, bare of leaves, in a snowscape. The white of the paper is the white of the snow.
It is also a lonely tree.


merci33 said...

this is, to me, a demon tree...scary dancin' arms and little eyes gleaming off the reminds me of the Buddhist teaching about meeting our dark and shadowy parts and not being create a wonderful imaginative way to 'dance the demon'.

nina kuriloff said...

thanks very much for sharing your feelings about this tree. :)

i will try to see what you see in this tree. :)

monkeay said...

I love this little tree.I'd keep it company...give it a little hug...plant it a friend..

nina kuriloff said...

Thank you for your kind comment, monkeay!