Tuesday, February 26, 2013

small Drawing of Cherry Tree, inhabited by a face!

Face #20 in my challenge to create 29 faces in this month of February appears here in this cherry tree!
This woman's face, in the upper right of the tree, is a happy face...Happy because spring has finally arrived!:-)
If you wish to purchase this drawing, please click here.


Caryn Strauss-Smith said...

This is so beautiful, Nina!

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thanks so much, Caryn!

Ayala Art said...

I saw her right away :o) Spring is around the corner!
Nina, in case you don't know, you have the captcha on.

Nina Kuriloff said...

Hi Ayala Art,
Thank you! I am glad you saw my face right away!

Yes, spring is around the corner, thankfully!

Yes, I like having captcha on.

Maria said...

really beautiful!

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thank you so much, Maria!